Virtues of an Environmentalist

Think for a moment, living next to a house with an incredibly vibrant garden. Filled with blooming flowers and budding trees, the area attracts an abundance of natural wildlife. Bees would come to pollinate the flowers, and bring honey to their hives, birds and creatures would come to feed off the fruits and to nest in the trees. However, such a space also needs maintenance; the grass tamed, the trees trimmed, and the flowers cared for. One day your neighbour tells you that the trees have blocked out the sun, and the maintenance is tiresome. He says he plans to cover it up with asphalt so as to save him time and open his house to more sunlight. A week passes and workmen come to uproot the trees, hack the bushes and pave over the garden. And so, the animals flee, the birds fly off and the bees die out, leaving a hollowed house in their place. What was once a thriving menagerie has stagnated to a plain asphalt ground.

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